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Why Buy Wood Pellets?

Bio-mass wood pellet fuel is becoming a major fuel for home and commercial users, displacing mainly oil and gas boilers. Our wood pellets for sale are convenient and easy to use, whether bought as bagged pellets or bulk pellets, and they are cost effective in comparison to heating oil or LPG.

If you are considering replacing a boiler it is the perfect time to buy wood pellets.

Buy Wood Pellets - the responsible fuel alternative

Midland Bio Energy's wood pellets for sale are low in carbon and high in energy (approximately 4.8kwhr/kg). Although relatively new in the UK, wood pellet fuel boilers have been around for many years on the continent and as such are already advanced in their specifications.

What this means to you is that wood pellet boilers can offer modern functions and conveniences - things like automatic feed and automatic ignitions - just like your current boiler.

Bio Wood Pellet Quality

A boiler is only as good as the fuel you put in it. It is important that you buy wood pellets that are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure that your boiler runs as efficiently as possible.

All of our wood pellets for sale are for domestic use and reach the quality standards as set out and recommended by the boiler manufacturers (if in doubt refer to your installer). We also provide an energy rating for the bio pellets which means that you can convert to cost of your wood pellets in to a more accurate cost per kWhr.

Please click here for a copy of our Wood Pellet Specification sheet.

Animal Bedding Pellets

'We installed our 27kw Wood Pellet boiler in November 2006 and to start with we had difficulty in finding a supplier of good quality pellets. Issues included a high sawdust content and dubious calorific value.

In December 2008 we purchased our first supply from Midland Bio Energy(MBE). The quality was good and the cost was competitive. That has been the case ever since.

We receive our wood pellets via a third party carrier on 1 tonne pallets and so I like to make sure I'm around when delivery takes place. MBE have provided an outstanding service in coordinating their pallet despatch to us to facilitate satisfactory receipt at our end.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MBE for a competitive, reliable and efficient service'.

K Harrison. Stedham, W Sussex (Domestic Bagged)