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Why Buy UK Wood Pellets?

Bio-mass wood pellets are becoming a major fuel for home and commercial users, displacing mainly oil and gas boilers.

Our pellets on sale are convenient and easy to use. Purchasing bagged pellets or bulk pellets can be more cost-effective than heating oil or LPG.

If you are considering replacing a boiler, now is the perfect time to buy wood pellets.

UK Wood Pellets – the responsible fuel alternative

At Midland Bio Energy we can provide you with UK wood pellets that are low in carbon and high in energy (approximately 4.8kW hr/kg). Being produced in the UK ensures our wood pellets have a smaller carbon footprint than imported alternatives.

Although relatively new in the UK, wood pellet boilers have been around for many years on the continent. Consequently, their specifications are already quite advanced.

Wood pellet boilers can offer you modern functions and conveniences such as automatic feed and ignitions – just like your current boiler.

Bio Fuel – Wood Pellet Quality

Boilers are only as good as the fuel you use for combustion. It is important that you buy wood pellets produced to the highest quality standards because this ensures your boiler runs efficiently.

Our UK wood pellets are perfect for domestic use and are ENplus A1 standard. Therefore, boiler manufacturers recommend our pellets. (if in doubt refer to your installer).

We also provide energy ratings for the pellets, so you can see exactly what you are buying!

Please click here for a copy of our Wood Pellet Specification sheet.

Midland Bio Energy employees stood outside HQ near Nuneaton.

The Faces Behind MBE

Our team is dedicated to providing a quality personal experience, to ensure you receive the biomass you want when you want it! Our friendly and experienced service aims to provide fuel for your homes and businesses at a competitive price, without the hassle.

Slide "Very happy with the standard of the wood pellets delivered.
The staff in the office are always friendly and accomodating,
and the drivers always take care when making their delivery.

I am very happy to recommend Midland Bio Energy."

Carol. Worcester. (Domestic Bulk)
Slide "I am very satisfied with the quality of my pellets and also being able to order
easily. I like the way my pellets are delivered by the delivery driver who has been
coming recently, very polite and helpful.

Thanks for a great service."

Kevin. Tamworth, Staffs. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide "The Virgin pellets you delivered recently seem excellent, no feeder problems.
I could not ask for better; personal contact, prompt delivery and delivery to
our door.

I am happy to recommend MBE to anyone."

Howard. Warwickshire. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide 'I have been buying my wood pellets from Midland Bio Energy (MBE) for a
number of years and have always received excellent service from them. The
pellets are competitively priced and of good quality. The company also
keeps to its delivery commitments, even though I live in Bath.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MBE as a supplier'.

A Mercer. Bath. Somerset. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide 'The pellets are of a consistently high quality and the price is among the best I've
seen locally. Andy has been endlessly helpful in arranging deliveries on
suitable (small!) lorries and has always been quick to answer my questions.

I would recommend Midland Bio Energy without hesitation.

J Kemp. Longhope. Gloucs. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide 'We started using Midland Bio Energy about 2 years ago, after trying several different local
suppliers. We were new to wood pellet fuel, having, having recently finished converting a
barn conversion. We had quickly discovered that pellet qualities varied tremendously
by supplier and whilst you could buy cheaper pellets, the quality, speed of burn, heat value
and clinker quickly all became cost or performance issues. MBE's  pellets are of a consistent
quality, the service is punctual and reliable and prices, better than the rest given the heat
value & low ash residue of their wood pellet product

Stephen Egerton. Uttoxeter, Staffs. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide We have been using Midland Bio Energy for 4 years now and have found the
pellets to be of high & consistent quality and the service & delivery times to
be very good. In the wilds of the 09/10 winter when oils was as scarce as
hen's teeth, our 3 tonne delivery arrived within a few days of contacting
Andy at MBE. The firm is easy to contact and you can pay via the internet'.

'We are very happy with our supplier'

Mark Thornton. Upton, Notts. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide We changed from a different pellet supplier some time ago because of the
competetive prices being offered by Midland Bio Energy. We have been very
happy with the service, the price and the quality of the pellets ever since.
Andrew replies promptly to orders and is always helpful adapting to
individual  circumstances.'

'Highly recommended!'

B Morgan. Woodstock, Oxon. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide Midland Bio Energy provide me with an excellent supply of wood pellets on a
monthly basis. The quality of the wood pellets and their customer service
is excellent.

I would recommend you give them a try, you won't be disappointed'.

Stewart Wilkes, Bradley, Staffs. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide We have been using Midland Bio Energy (MBE) Wood Pellets since early after
installing our boiler, in 2007. These are good quality pellets at a competitive
price. Andy, at MBE, is always very pleasant & helpful and the delivery is
always reliable.

We have tried pellets from other manufacturers but experienced problems with
clinker. The Wood Pellets from MBE have been consistently good.

If your looking for good quality pellets at a good price, then Midland Bio Energy
is the company you want'.

Rex Whitehead, Thorpe on Balne, Doncaster. S Yorks. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide 'I have found Midland Bio Energy to be a competitive, flexible and reliable
supplier of our bagged Wood Pellets. Always accommodating our delivery
needs and I have no hesitation in recommending them'.

Andrew Woodward, Top Eccles Farm, Derbyshire
Slide 'I have found Midland Bio Energy to be a competitive, flexible and reliable
supplier of our bagged Wood Pellets. Always accommodating our delivery
needs and I have no hesitation in recommending them'.

Andrew Woodward, Top Eccles Farm, Derbyshire
Slide 'We have been using Midland Bio Energy since 2010 to supply our Wood Pellets
for our domesic Wood Pellet boiler. Living only 15 miles from Lands End in
Cornwall, our options for suppliers is limited.

Midland Bio Energy, however, have provided a very competitive and reliable
service that we have found couldn't be provided by suppliers closer to home'.

Mr & Mrs Nankervis. Nancledra. Cornwall.
Slide 'It has always been a pleasure in dealing with Midland Bio Energy. They are
keenly priced, trustworthy and the quality of the products has always been
excellent. What has impressed us most, is their customer service. They go out
of their way to arrange our deliveries to meet our restrictions on the load
size and delivery method.

We wouldn't use anybody else. Many Thanks'

Mark-Superhome. High Wycombe. Bucks
Slide 'I have been using Midland Bio Energy (MBE) for several years Prior to that I tried
other sources and was disappointed with poor burning properties, clinker,
and high consumption.

'I just order them from MBE and say when I would like them to arrive, and it
happens at a price that is competitive'.

A Reynolds. Boston. Lincs. (Domestic Bagged)
Slide 'We have been using Midland Bio Energy (MBE) for three years now. We receive
Bulk Blown deliveries and have always found the service offered excellent,
with good quality fuel at sensible prices. Andy, at MBE , is always
responsive - and is flexible around deliveries, which is important in a domestic

Martyn C. Stratford-on-Avon (Domestic Bulk)
Slide 'In December 2008 we purchased our first supply from Midland Bio Energy(MBE).
The quality was good and the cost was competitive. That has been the
case ever since.

We receive our wood pellets via a third party carrier on 1 tonne pallets and so I
like to make sure I'm around when delivery takes place. MBE have
provided an outstanding service in coordinating their pallet despatch to us to
facilitate satisfactory receipt at our end.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MBE for a competitive, reliable and
efficient service'.

K Harrison. Stedham, W Sussex (Domestic Bagged)
Slide 'We have bought our fuel from Midland Bio Energy(MBE) for the last four years
and both the fuel and the service is excellent. The fuel is very clean and
dust free, so it burns really well, leaving very little residue. This is really
important to us as the quality of the fuel makes all the difference to running a
pellet boiler.

Before buying from MBE we had tried a number of suppliers and are very happy
to have found such a good supplier - they sell the best fuel that we've
found and are the best all round value.

R Keating. Stroud. Gloucs. (Domestic Bagged)

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