Summer is here, and whilst you enjoy the warmer weather, have a read of our top 5 biomass boiler tips for biomass boiler efficiency. From cleaning your stores to ordering your pellets, we want you to get the most out of your boiler!

Boiler Top Tip Number 5.

Keep The Access To Your Property Clear For Deliveries

The first of our 5 biomass boiler tips is focussed on delivery and it is something we like to remind our customers during the spring/summer months. This is mainly due to the growth of trees and bushes following the previous winter deliveries.

To allow our trucks to deliver wood pellets to your stores safely and successfully, we advise customers to keep all entranceways and accesses to their stores clear. This could mean:

  • Cutting back overhanging branches from bushes/trees.
  • Moving parked cars.
  • Keeping items away from boilers/walkways and the pellet stores.

Ensuring our drivers can approach without damage to the truck or themselves, means we don’t have to abort a delivery.
Aborting a delivery could mean costly delays and potentially a cancellation/waiting fee if the issue could have been avoided.
Cheaper deliveries = More efficient £/kWh.

Order Well In Advance (Even In The Summer)

Letting us know when you need a delivery, with as much notice as possible, allows us to plan your delivery in advance. We always try to reduce excess emissions by grouping deliveries together to avoid excess miles travelled by our trucks.

Try And Maximize Your Delivery Tonnage

The longer you leave it before we deliver, the more we can deliver. The more we can deliver the lower the price per tonne. Booking in advance for a week when you know you will be low on pellets will maximize delivery efficiency saving you money in the long run.

Unfortunately, not everyone can risk running their stores down so low, and we understand this. But if you can afford to wait then the savings can be quite noticeable!

Boiler Top Tip Number 4.

By grouping up part loads together we can also keep our costs down, reducing the price per ton and therefore reducing your £/kWh rate!

Boiler Top Tip Number 3.

Clean Out Your Wood Pellet Store

Wood pellets are a messy business, we should know! By the nature of the energy source and delivery methods used, wood pellets create dust. Both impacts against your store walls and friction during the bulk blowing process will create a fair amount of dust and fines.

Our domestic pellets are all ENplus A1 certified, which means they are loaded onto our trucks with less than 1% fines. The UK Pellet Council (UKPC) still recommend cleaning out your store every 5 deliveries. Minimum once per two years.  While your store is clear of wood pellets, it would make for a great time to squeeze in a boiler service. We recommend getting your biomass boiler serviced every 6 months, for a well maintained, efficiently running boiler.

Minimize Those Pesky Fines

Having a clean pellet store can reduce the build-up of fines that cause common boiler problems. A boiler that burns well and doesn’t break down is an efficient boiler, not only saving you time but saving you money on parts and labour as well.

We vacuum the pellet dust during a screening process before loading them into our trucks. This does not prevent all dust, but pellets do not leave our store unless they show <1% fines, adhering to ENplus A1 guidelines.

Summer is the perfect time to give your pellet store a good clean. Get the most out of your boiler. We couldn’t recommend it more!

For more information on cleaning out your store please visit the Renewable Energy Association’s guide below:

Keep A Supply Of Bagged Wood Pellets When Possible

Without pellets your boiler becomes redundant. Keeping on top of the pellet levels in a bulk store can sometimes be very tricky when trying to decide when to order your next delivery, as mentioned in tip 4. Having a supply of bagged wood pellets in the shed, garage or wherever possible can provide vital heating when you need it most. Storing the pellets in bags provides protection from the elements if keeping them somewhere like a garage.

Biomass Boiler Top Tip Number 2.
Our Bagged Delivery Time Frame

With our standard FREE delivery time of 2-3 working days, we can get bagged pellets out to you in a flash. (Next day delivery is available for an extra £10+VAT).

If you don’t have the space to store half, three quarters or a tonne of wood pellets, we sell individual bags from our depot in Ansley, Nuneaton. Give us a call before popping down if you want to collect a smaller quantity of bags.

Require Bagged Wood Pellets?

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Biomass Boiler Top Tip Number 1.

Use Only The Best Quality Pellets In Your Boiler

A biomass boiler is an investment. To get the biggest returns on your boiler, you will require maximum efficiency in every process. We have discussed ordering early and cleaning out your stores yearly, and both of these things will reduce costs in the long run and save you time and money.

A boiler is only as good as the fuel you put in it. Burning a sub-par fuel will decrease your boilers lifetime and increase the chances of repairs. Using top quality ENplus A1 pellets is just the start.

Midland Bio Energy Pellets = Quality Pellets

Ordering your pellets from Midland Bio Energy guarantees you receive a top quality Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) authorised, ENplus A1 accredited pellet. The boiler servicers we work with will all recommend using the best quality pellets and it really does make a difference.

High-quality pellets have a greater calorific value which means they release more energy per kg than lower quality pellets. High-quality wood pellets usually also have a greater density, allowing a greater tonnage of pellets to be delivered and stored. The greater weight of pellets you can receive per delivery – the cheaper the price per tonne! Over time our pellets will save you money compared to other, cheaper, lower-quality materials.

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