Bulk Blown Wood Pellets

Price on Application

two tipper trucks.

We are extremely competitive on price for our quality service and we can supply you with ENplus A1 standard pellets that are BSL authorised and suitable for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Our premium biomass wood pellets can be blown directly into your store when ordered in bulk. Please request a personal quote by using our: Quote Page.

The Vat rate for this fuel product is 5% – find out more about Vat Rates For Wood Pellets here.

Download a Full Wood Pellet Specification Sheet here.

Please ensure you are able to accommodate both the 26-tonne delivery vehicle and the volume of pellets you have ordered. Delivery Information and Checklist.

We can also deliver bagged wood pellets to your door – see our Bagged Wood Pellets page.

Bulk Delivery Process

Please take a few moments of your time to watch our bulk delivery video.

We highlight some of the key events of a typical bulk blown wood pellet delivery.

Step by step our video will show you how our quality wood pellets are screened, loaded and delivered to your pellet store to an excellent standard.

Deliveries Include

Legal-for-trade, Class III weighing equipment

Vent assist/dust extraction units to reduce pressure in pellet silos

Varying lengths of low abrasion delivery pipes

Storz and Camlock connections

Dust socks

Bulk Blown Wood Pellet Delivery Case Study

blown delivery in process

This is the first delivery to a store since modifications were made. The store was built in 2009 with some design flaws becoming apparent. We were asked by the Management company to offer advice on how to rectify these.

We recommended that one of the 90° bends in the delivery pipe was taken out to reduce the impact on the blown wood pellets. As this was at the bottom of the pipe, it was unnecessary and was removed to leave a straight pipe which you can see in the picture.

We advised that the target mat inside the store was incorrectly positioned causing the blown wood pellets further unnecessary impact and degradation, due to the mat being too close to the inlet pipe. This was also causing the pellets to ricochet off the walls causing a further impact. Two simple measures that enabled safe and effective deliveries to take place with no further problems.

We further advised on raising the bunker floor to 45° and placing Perplas sheeting on the bunker slope, which has excellent anti-friction properties. This would help with the flow of the pellets.

Inside The Wood Pellet Boiler Room

Boiler room with two hoval boilers.

Inside the boiler room during delivery. Notice the absence of any atmospheric dust from the store which is indicative of a good delivery system and a well designed intake and store room.

An inspection of the blown wood pellet store was being made by a member of staff. This was done to ensure the delivery of the wood pellets was satisfactory, following the modifications. Once this was deemed acceptable the delivery continued.

In the foreground are two Hoval STU 250kw boilers providing heat and hot water for an office complex. The boiler on the right had been stripped down for its pre-season clean.

We like to be involved at an early stage during the construction of a new site so that any obvious problems can be avoided. Please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Image of Midland Bio Energy Bulk Wood Pellet Lorry
Mark stood infront of our new blower tanker truck.
Image of Midland Bio Energy Bulk Wood Pellet Lorries