Bulk Blown Wood Pellet Deliveries

Your bulk blown wood pellet delivery will be made using a 26/32t (gross) weight vehicle measuring 8.5m/10m (length) x 3m (height) x 2.5m (width) [Max weight and length depends on which vehicle]. Please ensure that the vehicle will be able to gain access to your delivery point. The distance from the vehicle to your wood pellet store must be no more than 12 metres. If we cannot deliver your bulk blown wood pellets to you we will have to charge for the return of the pellets to our depot if we are unable to offload to another customer.

  • Please ensure that the quantity of wood pellets that you order can be accommodated by your store. Again, if we are unable to deliver your wood pellets we will have to charge you for the return of them to our depot.
  • Wood pellets do not fill stores like liquid! In our experience a pellet store will only fill to around 70% of the theoretical capacity; eg; a 103 m store will hold around 4.5 tonnes of pellets.
  • Our wood pellets have a bulk density of approximately 630kg/cubic metre.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of delivery and aborted deliveries upon arrival may incur a £100+VAT cancellation fee, if within a 30-mile radius. Any cancelled or aborted deliveries further than 30 miles from our depot and within 24 hours of confirmed delivery time, may incur a £150+VAT charge.
  • We can ensure safe delivery of your wood pellets only if the distance between our vehicle and your store is less than 12 metres and has no more than two soft bends and zero 90 degree bends in it. If any of these elements is greater (i.e. longer than 12 metres; more than 2 soft bends; and/or 1 or more 90 degree bends) then we cannot guarantee safe delivery – the responsibility of any attempt we may make in such circumstances lies solely with the customer.

Download our pre-delivery and design checklist – great for specifiers, clients and installers!

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Bagged Wood Pellets / Wood Products on Pallets

  • Wood pellets on pallets will be delivered by hauliers on vehicles ranging from 7.5t – 18t
  • If there is restricted access to your property please advise us the maximum size vehicle that can gain access when ordering.
  • Please ensure access can be made and your wood pellets dropped off safely – please note that pallets cannot be moved across gravel, grass, rough or stony ground.
  • Your wood pellets will be dropped at the kerbside or closer to your property at the delivery driver’s discretion – from that point, it is your responsibility to move your wood pellets safely to your storage area.
  • We can deliver your wood pellets on Saturday mornings or at timed slots for an additional fee.
  • Your wood pellets are packaged in polythene sacks and shrink-wrapped onto the pallet. Although every effort is made to ensure that the wood pellets are protected from wet weather it cannot be guaranteed. It is your responsibility to ensure your wood pellets are moved to a dry storage environment as soon as possible after delivery.

Postcode Surcharge

  • We can deliver to the following postcodes, however, a £10 plus VAT surcharge applies that will be applied at the checkout.
  • EC
  • SE
  • SW
  • W
  • WC
  • E
  • N
  • NW
  • DT
  • EX
  • LD
  • LL
  • PL
  • SA
  • SY
  • TA
  • TR
  • TQ

Redelivery/Cancellation Charge

  • You may incur a re-delivery charge if our haulier cannot access your property or deliver the pallet safely upon arrival. It is your responsibility to ensure there is adequate space to leave the pallet kerbside if you cannot be there to sign for it.
  • Cancellation of delivery, once the pallet has been dispatched, may incur a £100+VAT cancellation fee, to cover the transport charges of redirecting the pallet back to storage.

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Bespoke Delivery Fees

For most areas, we are happy to be able to supply your wood pellets, heat logs or animal bedding with free delivery. However some postcode areas cost more to deliver to and as such, if your delivery address begins with one of the following postcodes, we will, unfortunately, have to charge you a delivery fee. Rather than charge you a flat rate fee we prefer to get you a bespoke quote from our hauliers.

So, if your delivery address begins with one of the following postcodes please place your order by phone: call 02476 395418 or request a delivery fee quotation by email.

  • DD
  • PH1-7
  • PH14
  • AB10-25
  • KY
  • IV1-3
  • IV5
  • IV8-10
  • BT1-18
  • BT36-38