New Additions to MBE

New Driver

As our first new addition, we would like to formally introduce our new driver Mark. Many of you will have already met Mark, as he has been driving with us for almost 6 months now. He has completed his ENplus bulk solid materials delivery training at the University of Greenwich! Mark previously made his 100th delivery, and we look forward to celebrating his next milestone at 1000!

New Truck

We have also increased the size of our fleet! Our tanker is the newest addition to the Midland Bio Energy fleet and offers more versatility to our delivery methods. The tanker is another 6 wheeler for tighter access, with a delivery system straight from the rear. Blowing the pellets straight out the back of the vehicle works better in some locations, where reversing right up to the inlet pipes, in narrow access is the only option. As the tanker does not require a tipping motion to deliver, it can also deliver under power lines!

New Customers

Our customer base has increased greatly over the past 6 months, and some of this is due to the ongoing support and kind testimonials provided by our long term loyal customers! We thank you for every kind word you have said and we created a testimonials page on our website, which, if you have not already, we recommend you visit.

Due to an increase in our customer base, we could actually get out to all of our customers in time*, maximizing the capacity of our trucks, which meant pellet prices could remain low.

*We managed to deliver to 98% of our customers within the 7-10 working day lead time over the winter months.

Amidst the lovely warm weather, we recommend emptying out your wood pellet stores, and giving them a good clean. Be winter ready with a clean store before ordering some new, clean, pellets from Midland Bio Energy. Check out our Top 5 Summer Tips.

Wishing you all the best through spring!

The Midland Bio Energy Team