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  • Full 975kg pallet of Virgin Wood Pellets.


    If you require a small delivery vehicle, please order the half pallet option for this product, which can be delivered on a smaller vehicle. Any queries please call 02476395418  
    Full Pallet 65 x 15kg bags (975KG)
  • Horse Bedding - Fethabed - Half Pallet Image
    1/2 pallet 35 x 15 kg (525KG)
    • Lay the bags down on the stable floor. A  12ft x 12ft stable will require approximately 8-10 bags of horse bedding.
    • Carefully cut open all the bags and fold back the plastic. Then moisten the pellets, each bag will require 5-7 litres of water – approximately half a bucket. Slowly pour the water into the bag opening or spray with a hose and leave the pellets to swell.
    • Within 15-20 minutes, the pellets will have absorbed all the water and expanded to around three times their original size.
    • Empty the bedding out onto the stable floor. The pellets will now be soft and fluffy but still creating a dense bed, and there should be some pellets that have not yet broken down. These pellets will absorb any extra moisture without causing irritation to your horse.
    • With a fork, spread the bedding out evenly into the desired area and make up any banks.
    Ensure you remove the sodden areas and solids daily. You will notice that your muck heap is greatly reduced using pellets as a pellet based bedding separates from the manure and remains behind in the stable, meaning more bedding and less waste!