Summer Newsletter 2021

A country cottage and farm surrounded by open fields in the English countryside.

A reflection on our last year, welcoming Graham to our team and summer preparation for your next delivery!

A Cold Start

The cold weather continued into the late spring in 2021, increasing the pellet demand across the country. With pellet prices remaining fairly steady, we were able to prevent large winter price hikes, therefore, keeping your pellet costs down.

Brexit and COVID-19 Effects

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt all around the world, and the wood pellet industry is no exception. Luckily we have managed to avoid infection and stay up and running throughout the pandemic to keep the pellets flowing.

The combination of Brexit and COVID created delays to imported vehicle parts, which increased our overall vehicle downtime last season. Despite this, we managed to make all of our deliveries, increased our customer base further and we kept our stock levels at an all-time high throughout the season.

Keeping our trucks on the road and making quality pellet deliveries, it’s what we do!

Our Workforce is Growing

We welcome another new driver into our ranks. Graham joined the MBE family during our winter rush and has quickly adapted to the role. Graham has many years of driving experience and has greatly improved our ability to fulfil our orders during the busiest times.

Summer Clean Out

We say it every year! The summer is the best time to give your wood pellet stores a good brush or hoovering out. We screen all of our pellets so that our trucks are filled with less than 1% fines.

However, after multiple deliveries, your storage may start to accumulate these fines. Clearing out your stores while empty in the summer may just lengthen the life and efficiency of your boiler!

If you still plan to clean out your pellet store as Summer comes to a close, let us know so we can try and organise a delivery around your cleaning date, to reduce the downtime of your boiler.

(Please aim to give us at least 10 working days for us to accommodate this)

Be prepared for autumn with a clean store, ready for your new, clean, quality pellets from Midland Bio Energy

All the best this summer from the Midland Bio Energy team!