Will I Need to be There to Accept Delivery of my Wood Pellets or Briquettes?

Yes, please be in to ensure safe delivery of your wood pellets &/or briquettes, to sign for your delivery and to enable appropriate access if required.

What if I Am Not at Home to Accept my Wood Pellets & Briquettes Delivery?

If delivery of your wood pellets &/or briquettes has been arranged and there was nobody there to accept delivery, then re-delivery has to be organised. Unfortunately, we may have to charge you for this. If you are only available at certain times, then please ask us, and we can request a specific delivery day to suit you or can ask the haulier to contact you beforehand, to book the delivery in.

Once you Arrive How Long Does it Take to Complete the Delivery of Wood Pellets & Briquettes?

For pallet deliveries (bagged wood pellets & briquettes), depending on access, usually around 10 minutes.

For bulk/blown wood pellets delivery, again, depending on access, smaller deliveries are completed within 30 minutes and larger deliveries, within 1 hour

Do your Wood Pellets & Briquettes Produce Much Ash?

Less than 1% ash is produced, by weight, by our wood pellets & briquettes. Less than logs and considerably less than coal.

How Many Wood Pellets or Briquettes Should I Order?

Order as many wood pellets and/or briquettes as you need and can safely store. Our minimum order is 1 tonne for bagged wood pellets and, whilst there is no strict minimum for bulk deliveries, this may only be delivered, cost effectively, if you are located reasonably closely to our depot or we can share your delivery with other customers in your area.

How Long Will it Take to Deliver my Wood Pellets or Heat Logs Order?

Our standard service is 2-3 days from acceptance. If you wish you can request a next day delivery for a small extra charge.

How Do I Pay for My Wood Pellets?

We accept payment by bank transfer or cheque and we can offer a regular payment scheme to help spread the cost. Please contact for details. Sorry but we cannot accept card payment.

Can I Store my Wood Pellets Outside?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Suitable, dry storage should be made available. Although the wood pellets & briquettes are packed into polythene & stretch wrapped around the pallet, this does not guarantee that they are waterpoof.

Do you help unload Wood Pellets?

We can help you unload your bagged wood pellets but only for local deliveries.  We are able to deliver locally (within 30 miles) ourselves which will be at a small extra charge. This will include putting the bags in storage for you.

How will the Wood Pellet on Pallets be Delivered?

Midland Bio Energy’s wood pellets on pallets are delivered by a national pallet haulier. The size of vehicle can vary (see delivery information) but will feature a tailift. The pallets will be lowered from the vehicle and moved to a suitable place.

Are MBE Wood Pellets Suitable Quality for my Appliance?

The wood pellets are produced to the highest enplus standard. This standard will comply with your boiler manufacturer’s warranty and ensure low maintenance for your boiler (check with your installer or manufacturer if you are unsure). We only supply 6mm pellets.

Where are Midland Bio Energy Wood Pellets Produced?

All of our wood pellets are produced here, in the uk, from FSC sourced virgin softwood.